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Adolescent Therapy

A group of teens outdoors. The teens appear to come from different backgrounds and are dressed casually and smiling

We are experienced in treating the complex issues many teens today face: 


  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Self esteem 

  • Social media overuse 

  • Self harm 

  • Food and body image

  • Friendship issues

  • School stress/overachieving 

  • Sexuality 

  • Depression 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

If your teen is struggling with their mental health, you may be feeling quite powerless. You feel like everything you say is wrong. You used to have all the answers and could fix anything. These days, you’re feeling like you’re at your wit’s end and don’t know where to turn. 


You can turn to us. We have experience in talking to teens about the issues that concern them, while helping their parents to better understand them.  Our therapists provide a relaxed environment where teens can just be themselves and talk candidly without fear of judgement.


We aim to strike that perfect balance between respecting your teen’s confidentiality and keeping you looped in to what is going on. We understand that most teens (deep, deep down) want to have a better relationship with their parents, and we aim to get the two of you talking again like you used to. 


Your teen’s first session will provide an opportunity for you to tell us more about your concerns, as well as time for your teen to talk privately one on one. At the end of the session, we bring you together to share our recommendations and work together to formulate a treatment plan that fits your teen’s individual needs and preferences. 


Most teens find that meeting weekly for individual therapy is a great way to learn to cope better, gain skills, and understand their problems in a new way. They generally look forward to their session and feel relaxed while they’re here. For teens who have difficulty opening up, we utilize music, art, games, writing, and other tools to increase their comfort and help them to express themselves. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

Get in touch with us today to get started. 

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