Insurances & Finances

Individual Therapy (50 Minutes) : $170

Group Therapy (60 Minutes): $50

Intensive Evening Program (2 Hours): $95

Recovery Coaching / Individual Meal Support: $75



What are your fees?




Do you offer a sliding scale? 


We are committed to making therapy accessible to as many people as possible.   Each therapist has reserved a number of reduced fee spots. Typically, these spots are used by current clients who have committed to therapy and have found themselves facing a financial hardship at some point while working with us. Occasionally, we have a reduced fee spot open up and are able to offer it to a new client. Due to the limited number of sliding scale spots, we are only able to offer a reduced fee to those with a true financial need or extenuating circumstance. 

Do you accept insurance? 


While we do not accept insurance directly, you may be able to use your Out Of Network benefits to offset the cost of individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. 


Using your Out Of Network benefits is a fairly simple process: 






































Why don’t you take insurance directly? 


We value your right to make your own decisions about your healthcare. When you see an in-network provider, health insurance companies will often dictate how many sessions you can attend, what diagnoses qualify for coverage, and even what clinical techniques your therapist should use. Not being in network with insurance allows you and I to work together to make a treatment plan that is right for you, not one dictated by an insurance company. 


Additionally, we prefer to focus 100% on providing quality therapy to the people we work with. In-network providers are often asked to spend hours on the phone pursuing billing issues and providing clinical information about your treatment. Not working directly with insurance allows us more time outside of therapy sessions to attend conferences, teach classes, and stay abreast of the latest research so that we can be the best possible help to our clients. 

Before your first appointment, you may want to call your insurance company to find out whether you have Out of Network benefits for outpatient behavioral health/mental health. Some additional questions to ask might be: 

  1. Do you have a deductible you need to meet before you can use your out of network benefits? Keep in mind that you may need to pay out of pocket for any medical service you receive until your deductible is met, regardless of whether the provider is in network or out of network. 

  2. What is the procedure for submitting invoices (commonly called "Superbills")? What address or fax number do you send them to? 

  3. How much (or what percentage) will you get back? 

  4. Let them know that we use service code 90834 for individual therapy and 90853 for group therapy.