Eating Disorders Recovery Support Group


If this is you…


  • You have an eating disorder, or think you may have one.

  • You are feeling stuck and not sure if things will ever get better.

  • You’re struggling with body image and hating the way you look.

  • Your eating disorder is preventing you from living the life you want.

  • You’re feeling disconnected from family, friends, and yourself.

  • You’re looking for a support group just for teens, or just for adults


...our group is for you! 




In this group, you will: 

  • Connect with others who understand you like no one else can.

  • Find the motivation to keep working toward recovery.

  • Work on body image and self acceptance.

  • Start to build an identity and a life outside of your eating disorder.

  • Work on stopping destructive behaviors.

  • Learn skills to cope with uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and urges.

  • Get expert guidance from an eating disorder therapist.

  • Discuss difficult situations and get advice on dealing with friends, family, and more. 


We offer separate groups for teens and adults/college students. We will utilize discussion, journaling, and peer support to address the goals that matter to you. In addition, we will  explore different topics from Carolyn Costin’s book, “Eight Keys to Recovery” to jumpstart discussion and keep the group focused on recovery.  

Fill out an interest form and one of our amazing staff will contact you with more information:

Each participant receives a care package containing everything you need for group! 

  • Your own copy of the 8 Keys workbook

  • A brand new journal

  • ...and more!

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