Eating Disorders

Parent Support Group

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It takes a village --

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Your teen or young adult's eating disorder has turned their world upside down. Your high-achieving, trustworthy kid is now sad, angry, and hopeless. You want to help, but you don't always know how.

If this is you... 

  • Your teenager or young adult has an eating disorder, or you are worried that they are developing one. They may have had it for a long time, or you might have found out about it recently. 

  • You are desperate to help, but you frequently find yourself out of ideas.

  • You need information that is relevant to your child’s unique situation, without reading a million books.

  • You find yourself saying and doing the wrong things, but don’t know what else to do.

  • You’re feeling worried and overwhelmed, and sometimes feel like you don’t have all the strength you need.


...Our group is for you!  

Our Parent Support Group will take you from feeling tired and overwhelmed to feeling empowered and purposeful. 


In this group, you will gain:



  • Learn about when you should worry and when you can relax.

  • Know exactly what to say and how to say it so that your responses are helpful and not “triggering”.

  • Get help navigating the complicated world of insurance, treatment centers, and different types of therapy. Know what questions to ask your providers to make sure your child is getting good care.

  • Learn about eating disorders so you can see it from their perspective, without reading every self-help book ever written.



  • Set healthy boundaries without guilt.

  • Get your child to eat without forcing, threatening, or yelling.

  • Learn meal support strategies to make dinnertime peaceful again.

  • Get advice for handling the really hard stuff, like self harm, panic attacks, and tough conversations. 



  • Get support from parents like you, who understand you like no one else can

  • Find out what has worked for other parents in your situation.

  • Vent, laugh, cry, and talk it all out. Come as you are and leave feeling ready to tackle whatever comes next.  

Group is facilitated by Hannah Smith, LMSW, Eating Disorders Therapist

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