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Recovery Coaching 

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a great option for those who want extra support outside of sessions. A recovery coach can help you to apply the insight and skills you learn in therapy to your everyday life by providing you with in-the-moment support when you need it the most. Our Recovery Coach can eat meals with you, help you with grocery shopping, practice new coping skills with you, and even help you work through body image challenges while you shop for clothes.  

With our Recovery Coach, you have a partner in recovery

Recovery Coaching Services

In the Supermarket

Meal Support

Eat a meal or snack with our Recovery Coach. Work together on the goals that are important to you: meet your meal plan goals, eat more challenging foods, get accountability, increase your comfort with social eating, reduce anxiety around certain foods, and more. 

In the Supermarket

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is for every body!

Whether you're an experienced yogi or just getting started, mind/body work can help you to manage anxiety, improve sleep, and cope with emotions in a healthy way. Come as you are and leave feeling connected: mind, body, and soul. 

In the Supermarket

Exposure Therapy

Bring our Recovery Coach along as you get out and try new challenges. Get support while you shop for food, eat in restaurants, and even while you try on clothes. Learn to manage difficult situations with confidence!

Casual Dim Sum Meal
Sitting Meditation


Meal Support: $65 per session

(For current therapy clients: $45 per session)

1:1 Yoga/Meditation: $95 per session

(For current therapy clients: $75 per session)

Other Recovery Coaching services: 

Plans are individualized to meet your needs. Please call to discuss pricing. 

Meet Our Recovery Coach


Sher Zadok, BS RYT
Recovery Coach

Sher is a wellness professional with extensive experience in mental health and eating disorders. In addition to working with clients at Christine Knorr Psychotherapy Associates, Sher also works as a recovery coach at a local eating disorder residential treatment center. 


As an advocate for those with eating disorders, she empowers those she works with to live in a way that is free of bias, guilt, and shame. In addition to working one on one with individuals she is passionate about educating communities and loved ones in order to increase awareness, support, and provide tools for early intervention. Sher embraces the Health At Every Size approach and is dedicated to inclucivity and respect for those she helps. 

Sher is also a trauma informed yoga practitioner who has been practicing yoga for over a decade. As she developed her practice, she realized the importance of spreading the lessons she learned with others to help them heal their mind-body relationship. Sher completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Alliance, and sequences her practice with the goal of providing lasting joy and instilling confidence.

Sher's Blog: 

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