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Social Justice Support Group

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According to the American Psychological Association's 2020 Stress in America study, Nearly 2 in 3 adults (65%) say the current amount of uncertainty in our nation causes them stress. Further, 3 in 5 (60%) say the number of issues America faces currently is overwhelming to them. More than 3 in 4 adults (77%) say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress, up significantly from 2019 when 66% of adults said the same.  

More than a venting session...

  • Process feelings of fear and anger

  • Manage anxiety about the future

  • Find your voice 

  • Connect with like-minded individuals

  • Turn frustration into change

  • Explore the impact of systemic oppression on your life

  • Care for your mental health when things feel uncertain or out of control

  • Proceeds donated to a cause of the group's choosing. 

Online Group
Meets weekly starting November 4th
$25 Suggested Fee
Time: TBA
Facilitator: Hannah Smith, LMSW
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