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Treatment Trauma Support Group

A Group for Survivors of Mistreatment in Theraputic Settings

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Therapy abuse is a specific type of abuse that takes place between a professional and a patient or client, or abuse that takes place in a therapeutic or treatment setting. The abuse may come from one perpetrator, several perpetrators, or it may happen as part of a treatment center's philosophy or way of doing business.


Some examples of treatment abuse include: 

  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse perpetrated by a therapist or other healthcare provider

  • Discrimination in a treatment setting due to your race, weight/size, sex, identity, religion, or sexual orientation

  • Behavior from a provider that feels manipulative or conrolling

  • Abuse that was perpetrated by a peer/another patient in a treatment setting 

  • Having your rights limited or taken away while you were a patient in a treatment setting 

  • A treatment provider attempting to initiate a friendship, business relationship, or romantic or sexual relationship with you

  • Being isolated from your friends, family, or support system for long periods of time, or a provider encouraging you to cut off those who care about you

  • Unethical financial practices 

  • Not being allowed to observe your religious or cultural practices while in a treatment center

  • Receiving therapy from untrained or unlicensed staff 

  • Neglect or inadequate support

  • Abandonment by a provider, such as being discharged from treatment without referrals

Abuse from a provider or treatment center is never OK. If you've experienced treatment abuse, you're not alone.


In this group, you will find: 

A place to share your story safely

Other survivors who understand what you've been through

A place to feel heard, validated and supported

The opportunity to strengthen your voice and advocate for yourself and others


$56 per session

Tuesdays 7-8pm 


This group is open to participants age 18+

who reside in NY, NJ, and MA

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