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Unlocking Recovery:

Using the 8 Keys to Overcome

Your Eating Disorder

Feeling STUCK in your eating disorder? Ready to take the next step in recovery but have NO IDEA what to do next? This group uses discussion, journaling, and peer support to explore a different topic from Carolyn Costin’s book, “Eight Keys to Recovery” each week.  This 8 week group will help you to: 

  • Clarify your motivation and use it to keep you going

  • Feel and address your feelings productively

  • Challenge your ED thoughts in a new way

  • Change destructive behaviors

  • Find meaning and purpose outside of your eating disorder

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Days and Times: TBA

Cost: $85/session

(those who are not current clients must attend an intake session at $170 prior to joining group)

Facilitator: Bernadette Kowalchuk

Group is limited to 5 participants

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