Eating Disorders
Intensive Evening Program
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meal support+ group therapy

Our Intensive Evening Program offers a flexible option for people needing a little extra support in their recovery. This two-hour program includes a meal in a comfortable, supportive environment followed by a group therapy session. You may choose to attend 1-2 times per week depending on your needs and schedule. 


Our Intensive Evening Program is limited to 5 participants. Groups are gender and diagnosis inclusive, but separated by age (teens and adults in separate groups). The program is facilitated by an eating disorders therapist who has extensive experience providing meal support and group therapy. 


Intensive Evening Program is ideal for you if you: 

  • Need continued care after completing a residential, partial hospital, or IOP program.

  • Already have a therapist, but need additional support.

  • Are not able to commit to a PHP or IOP program right now, but need more than weekly therapy & nutrition appointments.

  • Need extra help to eat challenging foods, eat with others, or manage anxiety at meals.

  • Want to keep up your progress and prevent relapse.



Program Schedule: 

5:30-5:45: Pre-meal check in and goal setting

5:45-6:15: Evening Meal

6:15-6:30: Post-meal check in

6:30-7:30 Group 



Meal Support: 

You may wish to use the meal to work on gaining comfort with social eating, reducing anxiety around certain foods, meeting meal plan goals, and more. You can bring your own food, ensuring that you meet your goals while working within your individual needs, culture, and preferences. 

The evening meal is supported by an eating disorder therapist who supports each individual in meeting their self-identified goals for the meal. 

Kosher microwaves and utensils are available. 


Group Therapy: 

A group therapy session follows the meal and provides an opportunity for you to unwind, manage your anxiety, and process your thoughts and feelings productively. Group topics include body image, relapse prevention, and skill building. 

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